Renewed Call for Nuclear Disarmament

On Hiroshima’s 60th anniversary, Abid Aslam interviews Tara Dorabji and others on the Renewed Call for Nuclear Disarmament, published in One World on August 7, 2005.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug 6 (OneWorld) – The threat of nuclear destruction–from existing stockpiles, a new arms race, or at the hands of terrorists or rogue states–looms large 60 years after the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, peace activists have warned.

The United States bombed Hiroshima on Aug. 6 and Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945. More than 200,000 people died in the two Japanese cities. Survivors continue to contend with serious illnesses doctors blame on exposure to high levels of radiation.

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