Kashmir: the Untold Story of Indian Occupation

Kashmir: the Untold Story of Indian Occupation, Tara Dorabji, Project Censored Blog, 2011

A few days before I left for India, American journalist, David Barsamian, was deported from New Delhi for his coverage of Kashmir. Barsamian reports for AlterNet one of the few national free speech radio outlets in the US. News reports quoted officials saying that his deportation resulted from his reporting on Kashmir during his 2009-10 trip to India, while on a tourist visa. If reporting the truth in Kashmir can get you deported, I was in danger.

On my first day in Srinagar, the local head of surveillance let me know he was fully aware of my arrival. It was a discreet enough interaction, but served its purpose: I was being watched. My threat? A pen and paper to record the stories of Kashmiris.

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Decolonize Oakland

On the Morning Mix Tara Dorabji discusses global movements to protect our food, including a CA ballot measure to require GMO labeling. Then an interview with Will Parrish about California’s biggest forest to vineyard conversion proposed on sacred, indigenous land. Also some on the movement to decolonize Occupy Oakland with Morning Star Gali, December 19, 2011.


100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

On the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s day, Tara Dorabji and Adrienne Lauby interview Grandmother and living legend, Carrie Dann about her life-long work for the sovereignty of the Shoshone Nation, Dolores Huerta co-founder of the United Farm Workers and Diana Buttu, Palestinian lawyer and analyst on the role of women in the uprisings across Arab lands, March 8, 2011.