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Elmaz and Tara talking about breaking hearts

Elmaz and Tara talking about breaking hearts

There are few things I love more than a live broadcast. On May 30, 2014, two of my favorite worlds came together for Dismantle’s Bay Area Release. KPFA’s La Onda Bajita radio broadcast the release of the Voices of Our Nation (VONA) writers workshop’s first anthology, Dismantle. VONA was conceived of as a revolution by and for writers of color. Over 2,000 writers of color participated in VONA and Dismantle features established and emerging writers.

Listen to the Dismantle broadcast from Modern Times Books:

Salaam Love


An interview with Ayesha Mattu, an editor of Salaam Love, an anthology of American Muslim Men on Love, Sex and Intimacy. Salaam Love brings together the true stories of 22 Muslim men, talking about love, betrayal, loyalty, faith and more, giving Muslim American Men a chance to share their stories in their own words. Contributor, Sam Pierstorff, joins the conversation. Sam is a Poet Laureate from CA and his publications include, Growing up in Someone Else’s Shoes.

Listen here:

Shake Down the Stars


Oakland based author Renee Swindle discusses her new novel, Shake Down the Stars. Renee is the author of Please, Please, Please an Essence Magazine best seller. Shake Down the Stars is set in Oakland and follows the life of Piper a feisty woman burying her grief in alcohol and one night stands. This interview first aired on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine.

Listen here:

Women and Publishing

Click to see VIDA's count of women published in leading literary journals

Click to see VIDA’s count of women published in leading literary journals

Author Joy Castro is in conversation with Brooke Warner a publisher at She Writes Press about how the publishing industry largely silences female voices. Castro teaches creative writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is the author of several books including Island of Bones. Warner was the former Executive Editor at Seal Press. This interview first aired on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine.

Click here to listen to the interview.

or here:

the Voices of Our Nation


Voices of Our Nation, or VONA, is the nation’s only multi-genre conference for writers of color. VONA faculty Evelina Galang and Mat Johnson break down why they teach at VONA and discuss their journey as writers of color. VONA alumni, Melissa Rae Sipin and Vanessa Martir share their stories in first-time interviews.

Listen to Evelina and Melissa below. Music is by Ayesha Fukushima. This interview first aired on APEX Express

Listen to Mat and Vanessa below. This interview first aired on the Project Censored show

Vigils at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab

Chelsea and Marcus Page-Collonge protest at the gates of the Livermore nuclear weapons lab.

Chelsea and Marcus Collogne-Page protest at the gates of the Livermore nuclear weapons lab.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is the main location of nuclear weapons research and development in California, 88% of its budget is for weapons activities. The next monthly vigil conducted by Catholic Worker Farmers at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab will be on Friday May 3rd from 7:00 to 8:00 am. Chelsea and Marcus Page-Collonge discuss why they organize the vigils.

Listen Here:

or Here:

Bapsi Sidhwa on Partition

April 6 in Berkeley

April 6 in Berkeley

Bapsi Sidhwa, an award winning, Pakistani author of five novels, including Cracking India and the Crow Eaters, discusses the partition of India and her work for justice. She was one of the first authors to take on the horror of the 1947 partitioning of India, the largest land migration in human history. About 10 million people were forced to migrate. An estimated 1 million people died from the rioting and fighting. Through her work as a writer, Bapsi Sidhwa strives to bring women’s issues of the Indian subcontinent into public discussion. She will speaking in Berkeley on April 6 at the 1947 partition archive’s Art for Partition event. This interview aired on APEX Express.

Listen to the interview:

More on the 1947 Partition Archive

Poetry and Resistance at the AWP


Sri Lankan poet, Pireeni Sundaralingam, discusses why she organized a panel on international poetry and resistance at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference and book fair in Boston. The AWP is the largest national writing conference with over 11,000 participants. Pireeni Sundaralingam is the editor of “Indivisible: an anthology of contemporary South Asian American Poetry.” This interview first aired on KPFA’s APEX Express.

Listen to the interview:

or Listen here:

Idle No More

Jimmy Montgrand, commissioner for the world Indigenous coalition and spiritual guides of Central America and the Dene Nation of Northern Canada, discusses the movement against Canadian Bill C-45. The bill threatens to damage treaty rights, indigenous communities across Canada, and the earth herself. There have been widespread protests under the banner of “Idle no More,” including spiritual fasts in response.

Listen here:

Plutonium Pits Coming to Livermore Lab

Plutonium pits are scheduled to routinely ship across three states, from the Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab to the Livermore nuclear weapons lab. On September 30, 2012, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s security status was downgraded. The Livermore Lab is no longer authorized to handle, test or store nuclear bomb usable quantities of plutonium, including these plutonium pits. Scott Yundt, the staff attorney for Tri-Valley CAREs discusses the dangerous plan and the upcoming community meeting (on Jan 30) to stop it.

Listen here: