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Corvus Magazine

issue 5

Issue Five features cover art by Olivia Boa, and great new writing from Tara Dorabji, Lauren Perez, Jackson Burgess, Margaret Mary Riley, Jonathan Bond, Katherine Garrigan, Mark Goad, Johanna Miklós, Gillian Walters, Vanessa Vitiello, and Valerie Z Lewis.

Read issue 5, including Reformed Mama Players by Tara Dorabji

I see you. It takes one to know one. Reformed Mama players, we are a small tribe. They say, Once a player, always a player. But we know better. You and me. We don’t have time for the drama. No energy to waste. Even so, sometimes the heat of the moment might tempt you, and you’ll be reaching to try on those old player shoes. But you know being a player has nothing to do with what you wear. It’s who you are.

So here they are—the top five ways to make sure not to get any play. I mean it none. Not the, I thought I didn’t want it, but then. Or the, we just started as friends. Or even the, I know I’ll never see him again. At the end of the day, even if you thought you wanted it, you know it’s not what you need. Not getting play is a battle we win every day.

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Corvus issue 5